Circulus at 1st World Circular Economy Forum

With a symbolic launch on World Environment Day, the first World Circular Economy Forum brought together more than 1500 participants from business, policy and civil society from 150 countries last week. All came to Helsinki to discuss the circular economy. The vivid exchange highlights the need to create an economy that enables us to live within planetary boundaries.

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1st national meeting of the research promotion program: “Bioeconomy as Societal Change”

Circulus and three other research groups met last Tuesday in Berlin to present their project, to network and to exchange ideas. The discussions covered challenges of interdisciplinary research, methods and theories, within the area of bioeconomy and societal transformation research.

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1st Circulus Workshop took place on Wednesday 18 January 2017!

The Objectives of the Selection and Specification workshop were to develop a common understanding of circular economy between the participants from Industry associations and Science. We discussed criteria for and selection of appropriate case studies for the investigation of innovations for the circular economy. It also worked as a first matching of mutual expectations and reconciling the realization in the Circulus project.


Our Participants (from left): Marcus Kirschner (HDH - Hauptverband der deutschen Holzindustrie), Prof. Stefan Bringezu (University of Kassel), Prof. Claudia Bieling (University of Hohenheim), Dr. Tobias Schwarzmüller (Bayern Innovativ), Dr. Sina Leipold (University of Freiburg), Dominik Melzig (FÖV - Forum Ökologisch Verpacken), Anatoly Davydov (FTP – Forest - Based Sector Technology  Platform), Alfons Bieling (FTP), Nora Sophie Griefahn (Cradle to Cradle).


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Circulus is hiring!

Sorry, the closing date for application has expired!

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New Research Group „Circulus“ at University of Freiburg securing 2 Mio EUR of funding

Press Release of the University of Freiburg.

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