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Gute Aussichten für die Forschungsförderung (December 2016)

Holz-Zentralblatt Nummer 51_52
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Auf dem Weg zur Kreislaufwirtschaft (December 2016)

Interview mit Dr. Sina Leipold, Leiterin der Forschungsgruppe Circulus an der Universität Freiburg

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Press Release of the University of Freiburg  (July 2016) 

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Petit-Boix A, Devkota J, Phillips R, Vargas-Parra MV, Josa A, Gabarrell X, Rieradevall J, Apul D (2018) Life cycle and hydrologic modeling of rainwater harvesting in urban neighborhoods: Implications of urban form and water demand patterns in the US and Spain. Science of the Total Environment 621, 434-443. Read more

Petit-Boix A, Apul D (2018) From Cascade to Bottom-Up Ecosystem Services Model: How Does Social Cohesion Emerge from Urban Agriculture? Sustainability 10(4), 998. Read more 

Petit-Boix A, Leipold S (2018) Circular economy in cities: Reviewing how environmental research aligns with local practices. Journal of Cleaner Production 195, 1270-1281. Read more

Leipold S, Petit-Boix A (2018) The circular economy and the bio-based sector - Perspectives of European and German stakeholders. Journal of Cleaner Production 201, 1125-1137. Read more

Piezer K, Petit-Boix A, Sanjuan-Delmás D, Briese E, Celik I, Rieradevall J, Gabarrell X, Josa A, Apul D (2018) Ecological network analysis of growing tomatoes in an urban rooftop greenhouse. Science of the Total Environment. 651, 1495-1504. Read more